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Xuzhou bright China packaging products co., LTD., founded in 2009, specializing in the production of paper pulp molding products, paper products. Is a collection of product development design, mold manufacturing, packaging products production and information technology services integration of one of the paper pulp molding production enterprises. After years of development, it has developed into three production enterprises: xuzhou bright China environmental protection technology co., LTD., co., LTD., xuzhou lihua environmental protection technology co., LTD., co., LTD., the factory covers an area of 50000 square meters. Equipment is the perfect equipment and personnel. Existing molding station: 66 integral types: 50, drying line, drying room 3 sets, and plenty of other auxiliary equipment. Bright China packaging is step by step toward the modern production enterprises.



  • Fruit plate, people’s welfare comes

    With the advancement of modern technology, some simple paper and plastic products can now be processed into safer, more reliable, environmentally friendly fruit bowls that can be used in our lives to bring benefits to everyone.
         The fruit plate provided a guarantee for the health and safety of the fruits and saved the family the cost. In the past, we were more willing to accept plastic products. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, we are more willing to choose the paper tray, because we are not afraid that the children will fall and are not afraid. Because of the children's play and injuries, but also to ensure the authenticity of a fruit, it is really a lot.
         The appearance of the fruit plate serves life, brings convenience, and contributes to environmental protection.

  • Cups of coffee care for health

           Pulp molding, as a green packaging industry, is being gradually adopted by more manufacturers. Using waste paper as raw material, a certain shape of paper products is molded on a molding machine, gradually adopting environmental protection, seismic resistance, and low cost. Pulp molded packaging.

         One of the main products of our company is the use of pure wood pulp paper for the production of special paper. It contains no chemical substances harmful to the human body. It is in full compliance with the national health and international food hygiene standards and is non-toxic and harmless. Waterproof, oil-repellent, heat-resistant, easy to recycle, printable, easy to process, shape, etc., and no adhesive or glue is added during the production process. Pollution.

  • Egg tray production process introduction

         Egg tray generally refers to the packaging tool used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other eggs, its main role is to protect the product, easy to transport and carry, according to the production of different materials can be divided into pulp egg tray, plastic egg tray, etc., the following small series Let us introduce the production process of pulp egg trays.
    Pulp egg tray production process:
         Waste paper (cardboard boxes, books, newspapers, etc.) recovered from the market is crushed into pulp using a dedicated pulper, and the consistency of the pulp is adjusted to 0.5%-1%.
         Then, the prepared pulp is conveyed to a pulp molding machine, and the pulp is adsorbed on the pulp forming mold by vacuum suction action, vacuum dehydration forming, drying or drying.
         Pulp egg tray is a new type of environmentally-friendly product that can be used to directly physically crush recycled waste paper without industrial processing.

  • The development trend of nursery cup

        The nursery cup is known as “the revolutionary technology of forestry seedlings”. Why is such a high appraisal? It is not just because the price of the nursery cup is more and more widely accepted by the general public. What are the technical advantages of the nursery cup in afforestation? Here are some introductions for everyone.
        Advantage 1: It greatly reduces the possibility that the seedlings become smaller and grows longer. The seedling cup completely solves the consequences brought by the seedlings' inferior root problems, and improves the various resistances and the growth speed of the seedlings.
        Advantage 2: Extend the afforestation season. The difference between the south and the north is relatively large. In the north, the winter temperature is tens of degrees below zero. There is no way to afforestation. In addition to the cold winter and other seasons, it can be afforested; in the south, even if there is a greenhouse in the winter, the same can be afforested. This saves time and increases efficiency.
    Advantage III: High survival rate. The nursery cups are made of high quality materials that do not cause any damage to the seedlings.
        Advantage IV: No seedlings after planting, direct growth. Greatly improved the survival rate after transplanting.
    As people begin to pay attention to environmental protection, making tree planting afforestation without delay, while the nursery cup is an indispensable part of it, is also an important part of the nursery cup industry more and more people's attention and recognition.



  • Can a nursery cup pollute the environment?

    The nursery cup is a new breed of modernization. It is made of high-quality materials that can be incorporated into the soil. It can be widely used in the cultivation of plant seedlings to lock in water and increase the survival rate of seedlings. After the nursery cup is used, it will follow. Slowly decomposing the soil will definitely not pollute the environment, save time and effort, so that we no longer have to worry about environmental pollution when we use it.

  • What are the benefits of egg trays?

    Egg tray is a kind of product made from pulp, which is mainly used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other eggs. Features: 1. Green, non-toxic and harmless, with recycling value, recycled paper, circulation Use and protect resources. 2. High temperature resistance, waterproof and oil resistant, reaching food grade food hygiene standards. 3. The appearance of white, high-end, high-grade. 4. It can protect various eggs in transport, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Which coffee cup is strong?

    As one of the refreshing drinks, coffee has become one of the choices for many office workers and overtime workers. The coffee cup is an integral part of people drinking coffee. Our company supplies all kinds of coffee cups, and the material is environmentally friendly. It is safe, novel in style, practical, and effective in advertising. It is suitable for paper cups of various hot drinks, and can also be customized according to customer requirements. Welcome old and new customers to come for advice and guidance.

  • Where is the use of medical care paper?

    Medical care paper and plastic products is one of the main products of Xuzhou Lianghua Packing Products Co., Ltd. Its main raw material is yellow pulp products, and has strong industrial packaging research and development capabilities, which can meet the overall packaging design and research and development of different industrial products. From the perspective of environmental protection: medical care paper and plastic can be naturally degraded, and the foam cannot be degraded, so it has no pollution to the environment. From the health point of view, natural yellow pulp is used as a raw material, no bacteria, no pollution, and is very suitable for such places as hospitals. .

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